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Ahmad Ali Alwan and Vijay Tirathrai on Hub71 and Techstars accelerator

We meet at the heart of Abu Dhabi Global Market startup gem Hub71 with Ahmad Alwan, Head of Corporate Strategy and Development at Hub71 and Vijay Tirathrai the Managing Director of Techstars Accelerator.

Oliver Quie on overcoming a debilitating medical diagnosis and becoming an entrepreneur

In this episode, Oliver Quie, CEO and founder of GradCircle discusses the power of technology to transform two slow-to-change industries, human resources and education. Oliver shares why he decided to use technology to tackle these two industries and how it can transform one of the largest untapped market on the planet: college students. He also shares his wisdom nuggets on discipline, stress, and pitching your startup gained from managing a painful medical diagnosis and launching a successfully funded startup.

Melanie Mohr on GenZ shopping habits and influencer marketing

Today our guest is Melanie Mohr, a Berlin-based entrepreneur and a working mother with more than 20 years of experience producing and telling stories with video. In 2016 she founded YEAY - the leading video m-commerce platform providing GenZ with a bespoke space to share and shop.We discuss about her passion for technology and in particular the full potential blockchain offers in keeping an open and decentralised web. This summer, Melanie is launching WOM Token as a new and transparent way for brands to reward peer-2-peer recommendations and for fans to share the things they love.

Eirini Schlosser and Alexandre Perrin on entrepreneurship, investing and how to leverage AI to enhance the human experience

In this episode, we talk with Eirini Schlosser, who worked at Morgan Stanley on nearly $60 billion worth of deals, creating value across tech, consumer, retail, and oil & gas industries. Our other guest, Alexandre Perrin, invested in startups for the Virgin Group and the Branson family's portfolio. Together, they co-founded Enauto; a way to invest in companies that leverage AI and high-value data to enhance the human experience. The two explain their fascination with AI and if we can genuinely predict human behavior. Later, Eirini explains the hardest part of entrepreneurship and Alexandre reveals that resilience is the most essential quality to have when running a startup.

Jack Parmer on how to grow your passion project to 20 million downloads

In this episode, we talk with Jack Parmer, a physics student turned CEO of Plotly, a data visualization and analysis company that is used by pioneering companies like Tesla. Jack shares the journey he took from a physics student studying solar cells to a CEO offering a powerful platform for enterprise clients and the unique open-source business model behind his company.

Jamil Asfour on AI, the future of us and the importance of being able to accept failures

In this episode, we talk with Jamil Asfour, an engineer by training and management consultant, on the mind-blowing potential of machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), ambient intelligence, and beyond.

Grigory Rybalchenko on common sense, simple crypto investments and the revolutionary power of blockchain tech

In this episode Grigory shares his journey from a cryptocurrency enthusiast to CEO and co-founder of BitMeEx (Bitcoin Middle East Exchange), a platform selling more than 800 cryptocurrencies. He also shared tips on getting started in entrepreneurship and maintaining your business.

Anish Krishnan on Non-Fungible Tokens, arabian horses and the stories we tell

Anish Krishnan is the CEO of Flamingo Skies, a game and design studio based in the UAE.

Samson Williams on thrills and pitfalls of digital transformation

Samson Williams is a blockchain educator, chief dreamer and believer, and as he calls himself an aspiring digital transformation change agent.

Pilot Episode

This is our very first episode, d-Talks are taking off!