Oliver Quie on overcoming a debilitating medical diagnosis and becoming an entrepreneur

In this episode, Oliver Quie, CEO and founder of GradCircle discusses the power of technology to transform two slow-to-change industries, human resources and education. Oliver shares why he decided to use technology to tackle these two industries and how it can transform one of the largest untapped market on the planet: college students. He also shares his wisdom nuggets on discipline, stress, and pitching your startup gained from managing a painful medical diagnosis and launching a successfully funded startup.

About Our Guest

Oliver Quie is the CEO and founder of GradCircle, an AI-powered resume matching service for students. He is also an educational researcher with UCL EDUCATE. Contact Olie: oliver.quie@gradcircle.org

Key Insights:

  • Oliver’s story of overcoming a debilitating medical diagnosis and becoming an entrepreneur
  • The key to building a tech company without being a hardcore “techie”
  • Two perspectives hacks that will change the way you view failure and stress
  • The difference between building a remote team and outsourcing
  • The unique challenges & opportunity in the education industry

Key Quotes

  • “In 2016 we thought we were the only people ever to discover the “job board” concept.”
  • “I was at a Zen temple for the first 2 or 3 years of my life.”
  • “Suddenly, I realized as I was getting older, ‘Oh wait, I’m obsessed with tech’. It doesn’t mean I’m a coder,,,but it’s always been a big part of my life.”
  • “I didn’t speak English for like 6 months.”
  • (Referring to a former roommate) “He really inspired me to believe that if you have an idea and you’re not a techie, you just need to be around people who are capable of translating that concept into hardcore software.”
  • “I wasn’t happy with the sentence of being on really intense medication and being in pain all of my life.”
  • “The deepest thing I learned was about stress and anxiety being primal ‘fight or flight mode.”
  • “Most universities don’t even have ATS (applicant tracking system). They are not really tracking the interaction between education and market forces. They’re just doing their own thing.”
  • “ I don’t want social media’s dirty feet walking in my mind”

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