Melanie Mohr on GenZ shopping habits and influencer marketing

Today our guest is Melanie Mohr, a Berlin-based entrepreneur and a working mother with more than 20 years of experience producing and telling stories with video. In 2016 she founded YEAY - the leading video m-commerce platform providing GenZ with a bespoke space to share and shop.We discuss about her passion for technology and in particular the full potential blockchain offers in keeping an open and decentralised web. This summer, Melanie is launching WOM Token as a new and transparent way for brands to reward peer-2-peer recommendations and for fans to share the things they love.

Key Insights

  • Word of mouth marketing has the highest conversion rate
  • 2.1 billion product recommendations are made each day on social networks
  • Influencer job split into the content creator and the content validator

Key Moments in the Podcast

[00:05] About Melanie

[03:27] The process of creating something new

[06:33] Financing for Melanie’s idea

[14:10] Blockchain and tokenizing the platform

[16:16] The token generation event

[20:24] Importance of staging a product

[21:22] The problem the protocol solves

[24:07] Content marketing

[30:10] Honesty and authenticity

[33:10] Influencers 

[35:39] What brings Melanie to the UAE

[42:05] Fostering a network 


“It’s a marathon, not a sprint.”

 “You can be a creator, validator or user on the platform.”

“The influencer is a job split into two. One is the content creator influencer and one is the content validator influencer. Both will be equally important.”

“When you’re creating a protocol, you are in constant fundraising.”



 LinkedIn: Melanie Mohr

 Twitter: @MohrWom