Eirini Schlosser and Alexandre Perrin on entrepreneurship, investing and how to leverage AI to enhance the human experience

In this episode, we talk with Eirini Schlosser, who worked at Morgan Stanley on nearly $60 billion worth of deals, creating value across tech, consumer, retail, and oil & gas industries. Our other guest, Alexandre Perrin, invested in startups for the Virgin Group and the Branson family's portfolio. Together, they co-founded Enauto; a way to invest in companies that leverage AI and high-value data to enhance the human experience. The two explain their fascination with AI and if we can genuinely predict human behavior. Later, Eirini explains the hardest part of entrepreneurship and Alexandre reveals that resilience is the most essential quality to have when running a startup.

Key Insights

·       How their partners started training a computer game to detect psychological traits of employees

·       How to identify leadership traits and influential abilities in potential employees

·       Resilience is essential for entrepreneurs because everything is challenging about a startup

Key Moments in the Podcast 

[00:45] About Eirini Schlosser

[05:00] About Alexandre Perrin

[09:30] Working between 2 am – 4 am 

[12:30] Enauto Ventures  

[15:15] Fascination with AI

[19:05] Training a computer game to detect psychological traits of employees

[21:00] Identifying leadership traits and influential abilities

[26:35] Everything is challenging about a startup 

[29:00] Resilience for entrepreneurs 

[31:30] Engaging with advisors over time

[36:45] Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs 



“When you are working too many hours; you are only thinking analytically.” -Eirini

“I don’t want someone judging me in their head; I want them to judge me based on my abilities.” -Eirini 

“My record at Morgan Stanley was working 53 hours straight.” -Eirini 

“Even when things go wrong, fight for what you believe in.” -Alexandre 


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