Jack Parmer on how to grow your passion project to 20 million downloads

In this episode, we talk with Jack Parmer, a physics student turned CEO of Plotly, a data visualization and analysis company that is used by pioneering companies like Tesla. Jack shares the journey he took from a physics student studying solar cells to a CEO offering a powerful platform for enterprise clients and the unique open-source business model behind his company.

Key Insights

  • How he started a powerful company based on a simple obsession
  • How and why Plotly pivoted into an open-source business model
  • His big dream for Plotly’s future


“I worked on it [the business idea known as Plotly] without any income or job for over a year…”
“I couldn’t just wait to start writing code and work on it and make it better.”
“They just made their open source software so popular. It just infected companies like a virus.”
“I think we (Plotly) want to keep growing…so that we’re really the standard for graphing analytics, data science, and machine learning.”
“You have to find and choose an idea that you’re just deeply, deeply in love with.”

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