Jamil Asfour on AI, the future of us and the importance of being able to accept failures

In this episode, we talk with Jamil Asfour, an engineer by training and management consultant, on the mind-blowing potential of machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), ambient intelligence, and beyond.

Key Insights:

Ø  What is “artificial intelligence”?
Ø  Is “artificial intelligence” a threat or an opportunity for humanity?
Ø  What could the future of artificial intelligence look like? 

Key Moments in the Podcast 

[00:49] Jamil shares his academic background and training in machine learning

[1:29] What is “artificial intelligence”?

[4:20] Will AI take our jobs?

[13:10] What Jamil feels is probably more in realistic in terms of the future of artificial intelligence

[14:07] Why Jamil feels optimistic about the future of AI

[17:15] What are your current projects?

[19:05] What is ambient intelligence?

[20:01] How is artificial intelligence developing in the Middle East region?

[21:56} What do you think is needed for the AI ecosystem to be sustainable?

[28:20] What advice would you give aspiring entrepreneurs?

[31:29] Jamil breaks down the three basic types of innovative entrepreneurs


Actually, this (artificial intelligence) is something has been going on since 1952 and just gaining visibility now.”

“As the new term that is used in the Middle East, ‘data is the new oil’.

“The greatest enemy for human beings is not artificial intelligence. It’s really laziness.”

“What if artificial intelligence becomes religious?”

“This is where humans need to step it up, to be able to integrate itself with technology …or else they will be left behind.”


About Our Guest

Jamil joined Roland Berger as a Partner in 2018 and brings more than 18 years of experience from fortune 500 companies Apple, IBM, HPE and Ernst & Young across the globe in the US, UK, UAE, KSA and China, to the company. He has carried out several executive positions, managing special and secret projects and more than 20 M&A deals in the most valuable company in the world. His recent work experience focused on shaping the ubiquitous computing service offering, including application development governance and user experience, while focusing on user privacy and security.

Jamil holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering specializing in Cryptography from The University of Texas at Austin and two postgraduate degrees, a Diploma in Management and Leadership from MIT and an MBA from The University of Oxford. He also holds over 10 certificates in various technology specializations and is an active member of several engineering societies in the US, UK, Saudi, Jordan and Australia. He is also a widely known contributor to the Global Innovation Index and the Global Connectivity Index.