Grigory Rybalchenko on common sense, simple crypto investments and the revolutionary power of blockchain tech

In this episode Grigory shares his journey from a cryptocurrency enthusiast to CEO and co-founder of BitMeEx (Bitcoin Middle East Exchange), a platform selling more than 800 cryptocurrencies. He also shared tips on getting started in entrepreneurship and maintaining your business.

Key Insights:

  • Why Bitcoin is growing in popularity
  • How a junior programmer from Russia ended up owning a cryptocurrency-selling platform in the Middle East?
  • Why are people interested in cryptocurrency and how can they get involved?

Key Moments in the Podcast

[2:40] Grigory shares his background and what led him to his current role as BitMeEx co-founder & CEO
[6:22] What is blockchain?
[9:25] Grigory talks about his entrepreneurial “moment of realization” & why he chose Bitcoin in the first place
[11:30] Why did Grigory decide to start business? Was it difficult?
[13:45] How easy or difficult is it to start a business in the UAE?
[18:30] How to overcome hurdles when starting your own business?
[23:55] BitMeEx strategy for the next year.
[25:10] BitMeEx competitors.
[27:05] BitMeEx account opening process.
[31:25] What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?
[31:25] What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?
[36:34] Different blockchain applications

About Our Guest

Grigory Rybalchenko is a cryptocurrency evangelist who leveraged his early interest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency to become the co-founder & CEO of a cryptocurrency exchange (BitMeEx) and an adviser to crypto assets fund, BOLTON Coin BFCL. Rybalchenko is also an educator, meetup facilitator, and adviser on cryptocurrency to individuals, private businesses and governments.

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